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September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and we take that very seriously here. It is a part of our mission as a mental health and well-being program to provide individuals […]
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Well Ride - Rideshare Opportunity for Off-Campus Therapy
Students who need a ride to off-campus therapy might benefit from Well Ride, a program that provides free Lyft rides for on-campus students to off-campus therapy. The Well Ride Program […]
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Where Do We Start? Healing through Community 
Repeated trauma, especially traumas as similar and close together as the two lockdowns UNC-Chapel Hill has experienced, can be difficult. Navigating trauma is highly individualized and not at all linear. […]
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Change and Growth
Originally Posted on the Healthy Heels Blog | August 22, 2023 The Science Behind the Struggle Change is inevitable, but can still be daunting. The comfort of routine, familiarity, and […]
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Regaining a Sense of Safety: Coping with Trauma and Grief - Mental Health Seminar
The shooting and extended lockdown on Aug. 28 had a profound impact on the entire UNC-Chapel Hill community. This seminar, led by Dr. Donald Rosenstein, provided perspectives on navigating trauma […]
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Navigating Support Options for Healing after Trauma
The personal impacts of trauma can be unpredictable, affecting us immediately or even months later. We can benefit from getting support, and there are many options that can help.   […]
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Strategies to Initiate a Supportive Conversation
After a traumatic event, we can benefit from the care and compassion offered through dialogue with our campus community. As Tar Heels, we value conversations that help us better understand […]
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Taking Care of Your Mental Health after Collective Trauma
Trauma can make it hard to go about your normal life. It can shake your sense of safety – on campus and beyond. Although people will experience a traumatic event […]
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Hoover joins Gillings School Community as Embedded Counselor
August 28, 2023 | Original post: SPH website Stephanie Hoover, PhD, provides therapy services to students at the Gillings School of Global Public Health as part of UNC’s Counseling and […]
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Creating and Maintaining Habits for a Successful Fall Semester
People are creatures of habit, following similar rhythms each day. But shifting our rhythms towards health can be difficult. Thankfully, shifts during times of transition can be ideal for incorporating […]
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