Supporting Each Other Through LDOC and Finals

December 6, 2023

These next few weeks can be a lot with the last day of class on Wednesday and finals beginning on Friday. Let's get through this together! You can be the best kind of friend during finals and beyond.


Feeling genuinely heard and accepted is one of our most important needs, and it doesn't go away during finals. Providing empathy and acceptance is one of the most soothing things we can do for each other. Give people your full attention, listen non-judgmentally, reflect feelings, and be curious. Determine if your friend wants to be heard, helped or hugged, and then meet those needs.

Change the Narrative

How you handle the question "How are you doing?" matters. It's important to be honest about your feelings, but you can also steer the conversation towards positive actions. Instead of a generic response, share how you've been working hard or how you're taking care of yourself. You can then extend the conversation by asking your friend about their self-care practices. This approach contributes to fostering a culture of care that values both effort and well-being.

Support each other's work.

We can help each other learn. Here are some ideas - you can find more on the Learning Center website.

  • Use study groups to amplify learning.
  • Teach each other the info you've learned.
  • Quiz each other on info you'll need to know.
  • Proofread each other's essays.
  • Hold each other accountable to study goals.
  • Walk together to study locations.
  • Invite each other for healthy study breaks.

Affirm each other.

Support those around you through stressful times. Here are some healthy ways to offer help:

  • Cook each other food.
  • Move your body together.
  • When you run errands, check to see if anyone needs anything while you go out.
  • Create environments that help you study and connect.
  • Find healthy ways to celebrate everyone's efforts this semester.
  • Be authentic with each other.
  • Do something together that you enjoyed as kids.
  • Be food inclusive and body-positive.
  • Encourage sleep.
  • Spend time together outside.

We've all experienced various ways of being supported. Tell us how you care for friends or what they have done for you on our Instagram story.

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