Care Referral

If you believe that this is an emergency situation, including an imminent threat of harm to self or others, please call 9-1-1. The submission of a Care Referral Form will not address an emergency situation. 

Staff and Faculty Referral Resources

This Care Referral Form linked below is for use only to request support for students. UNC-Chapel Hill employees are encouraged to go to your immediate supervisor or Human Resources representative with concerns about colleagues. Further information -- including options for online reporting -- is available at Employee and Management Relations.

Student Care Referral

You are encouraged to submit a Care Referral Form to report any concerns you have for a student. Your referral will be assigned to a Dean of Students staff member for review and response within two business days. Please include as much relevant information as possible. 

If you would like to speak with a Dean of Student staff member during normal business hours to discuss your concern, please call 919-966-4042.

Typical Responses to a Student Care Referral Form

Staff from the Dean of Student's office will follow up with the student and various support options on campus to coordinate a response.

Wellness check (non-urgent)

  • For students living on campus: the care referral will be reviewed, and Carolina Housing staff may attempt to make contact with the student to assess for health and safety concerns, and to determine whether additional follow-up is appropriate.
  • For students living off campus: The care referral will be reviewed, and a Dean of Students team member will attempt to connect with the student.

Any issue influencing academic success

The care referral will be reviewed, and outreach will be made to the student. Additionally, contact may be made with the student's academic advisor, dean and/or appropriate grad/professional student affairs contact.

The care referral may be referred to Carolina Housing to coordinate appropriate support and assistance.


The care referral may be forwarded to Accessibility Resources and Service for further assessment and follow-up.

Concerns for a student in distress

The care referral will be reviewed, and the person reporting the concern will receive confirmation of receipt, and will be advised on any potential recommended follow-up. 

Concern for harm to others

The care referral will be reviewed, and the situation will be assessed by the Dean of Students and/or the Emergency Evaluation and Action Committee. Appropriate campus partners, including UNC Police, may be notified.

Sexual Misconduct

Information submitted via the Care Referral Form is subject to mandatory reporting requirements. Reports of potential violations of the Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct will be shared with the Equal Opportunity and Compliance office. It is best for you to report the issue directly to EOC, and one mechanism to do so is to use the EOC incident report form online.

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