About LSN Peer Support

Peer Support means getting a variety of support from fellow students. These peers can lend a listening ear, talk you through a problem or concern, and help you identify resources that fit your needs. Speaking with a peer can be helpful because they are students – just like you!  

LSN (Listen, Support, Navigate; pronounced listen) is a peer support program for UNC-Chapel Hill students hosted on the Heels Care Network. It is a quick and easy way to connect with student peers on our campus! LSNers are students who provide peer support by listening to you, supporting you, and navigating you to the appropriate resources.

UNC-CH students can connect with a LSNer by clicking on the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of this website. UNC-CH faculty and staff are also welcome to use the live chat for assistance with navigating resources on the Heels Care Network. 

In addition to student peers accessible through the Heels Care Network, there are also other sources of peer and mutual support across campus. You can find peer support facilitated by staff and student peers in the Mental Health Resource Hub.

Please direct any questions and feedback about LSN to LSN@unc.edu


Who are LSNers in the Heels Care Network?

LSNers are undergraduate, graduate, and professional student volunteers who care deeply about the well-being of the Carolina community. They are available to listen to your concerns and help you identify helpful campus resources. During the initial launch of the program, we are fortunate to also have work-study students providing peer support alongside the student LSNers. 

Each LSNer has been trained by the UNC-CH Peer Support Core in support skills and a variety of content topics. Many students are also active in other peer and mutual support student organizations.

What can LSNers do? 

LSNers can support fellow students in the following ways:

  • Listen and talk through problems, concerns, celebrations, questions, etc. 
  • Identify, recommend, and connect you with available resources 
  • Follow up with you as you'd like

LSNers can assist UNC-CH staff and faculty with navigating campus resources. 

LSN is not a clinical mental health service or crisis response tool. If you are in crisis, please utilize the crisis resources at the bottom of the page.  

When is live chat with LSNers available? 

Currently offline for the summer

During the semester, Monday - Thursday, 11am - 7pm

What happens when I initiate a chat?

During active chat hours

  • When a chat is initiated, it will only take a few moments before a LSNer responds to your message. The chat thread will remain open and available with the same person until you close out the browser or the chat has ended. You do not need to provide any additional contact information. 
  • This chat is considered private but not confidential, as your IP address can be viewed.

During non-active chat hours

  • When the chat is not active, you are welcome to send an email to LSN@unc.edu with a request to connect with a LSNer and we will follow up within 3 business days. You can do this by clicking on the chat bubble which will provide you with a link to email.
  • You may want to explore other sources of peer support on campus.  

I am experiencing a crisis. Should I use the chat?

No, there are dedicated emergency, urgent, and crisis resources that are better equipped to support you. Please utilize the crisis resources below:

LSNers are here to help but are not a crisis resource.

Will my chats be confidential?

This chat is considered private but not confidential, as your IP address can be viewed.

Here are more details on the terms of use agreement for using the live chat.

How can I become a LSNer? 

Any current UNC-Chapel Hill student can apply to be a student LSNer. We strongly encourage individuals to apply who identify with any one of our high-priority groups:

  • First-generation college
  • LGBTQ+
  • International
  • Low family income
  • Military-affiliated and veteran students
  • Female-identifying students in areas in which females are historically underrepresented
  • Persons with disabilities

Please keep an eye on this space and @UNCHealthyHeels on social media for recruitment announcements; you may also voice your interest in an email to LSN@unc.edu to be notified.  

At the moment, LSN does not have faculty or staff LSNers, but we are happy to chat about how peer support might be helpful in your office, department, or unit. Please email LSN@unc.edu to get the conversation started.

I experienced a problem with LSN. What should I do? 

Feedback is important to us to help improve the quality of our services.

If you experienced a problem, please email LSN@unc.edu with the subject line "User Feedback". Please provide as much detail about the problem as possible, including relevant dates and times.

How is LSN supported?

  • LSN is supported administratively by the UNC-CH Peer Support Core, several Campus Service Collaborators, and several Student-Led Resources.  
  • LSN receives financial support through a grant from the UNC System.

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