Sustaining Healthy Habits this Semester

January 10, 2024

Setting goals for health doesn’t have to stop at resolutions. As we enter this new semester, take some time to reflect on what worked well for you last semester, and which new habits you would like to infuse in your life. Do you want to build in more time for sleep? Do you want to focus on a healthier and happier academic-life balance? Whatever it is, following these simple tips can help you create and maintain successful habits:

Make it matter: Choose resolutions that truly motivate you. Adding fun aspects to your habits, like listening to an audiobook while doing them or involving friends, can also help with motivation!
Make the behavior small: Break down overarching goals into daily or weekly actions.
Allow time for each habit: It takes about four weeks for a new behavior to become a tentative habit, so focus on one resolution per month. Habits form faster when done regularly, so schedule daily time for them!
Reframe "I don't have time": Prioritize your goals in your daily planner and make them a top focus.
Be gentle: Give yourself grace and start again if you miss a day. Enjoy the journey…every small change is getting you closer to reaching your goal!

Remember that changing habits is a gradual process. Be patient with yourself and as the semester begins to get busy, and try to take time each day or week to reflect on how far you have come. For more tips on creating and sustaining new habits, check out the Learning Center’s website.

You got this!

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