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Little Glimmers of Joy
Finding Delight In the whirlwind of our busy lives, we're often caught up seeking the big wins, what society deems as "success." We aim high and work tirelessly, striving for […]
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Resilience is How You Recharge
Resilience is often misunderstood. It's not just about being as tough as a football player - taking hit after hit and pushing through exhaustion. Here's the thing: Overwork and exhaustion […]
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Call for Proposals: Mini-Grants to Advance Peer Support at UNC-CH
The UNC-CH Peer Support Core has launched their second round of mini-grants to advance peer support at UNC-Chapel Hill. In the last round of funding, they awarded over $24,000 to 17 […]
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CAPS Provides Mental Health Services
Director and assistant director answer questions about Counseling and Psychological Services for students and post-docs. Carolina’s Counseling and Psychological Services, or CAPS, is the mental health provider for students and […]
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Level Up Your Relationships
Building Meaningful Relationships When it comes to forging those deep, meaningful connections, it's easy to wonder how we got there with our closest pals from the past. But don't fret, […]
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Supporting our Tar Heels
Carolina offers on-campus services and partners with well-being and mental health leaders to help serve our campus community. We want all Tar Heels to succeed and thrive while they are […]
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Mental Health Push Notifications
Get mental health nudges on your cell phone to help you care for yourself and your community. Opt-into the Mental Health channel of the Carolina Go app to receive push […]
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You can Help Prevent Sexual and Relationship Violence
Sexual and gender-based violence affects all of us.  Roughly one in four undergraduate and graduate students at Carolina report having experienced sexual violence since coming to campus. Unfortunately, these numbers […]
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Finding Balance in a Digital World - Mental Health Seminar
The second seminar in the Fall 2023 Mental Health Seminar series, "Finding Balance in a Digital World." This thought-provoking seminar with Annie Maheux, Ph.D. examined the impact of technology on […]
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CAPS Multicultural Health Program Hosts Outreach Events
The Multicultural Health Program at CAPS provides outreach for BIPOC students. This semester, MCHP is hosting a variety of workshops and outreach events. Fall 2023 Virtual Workshop Series for BIPOC […]
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