Well Ride - Rideshare Opportunity for Off-Campus Therapy

September 18, 2023

Students who need a ride to off-campus therapy might benefit from Well Ride, a program that provides free Lyft rides for on-campus students to off-campus therapy.

The Well Ride Program is currently managed by UNC CAPS and was initiated by Undergraduate Student Government to help students overcome barriers related to transportation to off-campus therapy appointments. 


  • At least 18 years old
  • Lives on campus (Granville included)
  • No access to a vehicle on campus

Prior to completing the application, you must have:

  • Met with a staff member at CAPS who approved you to apply for the program or emailed capsreferrals@unc.edu for information. 
  • Have an appointment with your therapist scheduled or made plans to schedule an appointment with your therapist.

Current funding for this program ends at the end of the Fall Semester 2023. Funding for this program is limited and will be distributed on a rolling basis throughout the semester. Once you have completed the application, CAPS will make a final determination of your eligibility and provide information on the next steps to request Lyft rides if you are eligible.

UNC Honor Code applies to the Well Ride Program; providing false information or misusing funding may constitute a submission to honor court and prevent you from accessing funding in the future.

If you have questions about the Well Ride Program please email capsreferrals@unc.edu, talk to your CAPS referral coordinator, or review the application.

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