CAPS Multicultural Health Program Hosts Outreach Events

September 27, 2023

The Multicultural Health Program at CAPS provides outreach for BIPOC students. This semester, MCHP is hosting a variety of workshops and outreach events.

Fall 2023 Virtual Workshop Series for BIPOC Graduate and Professional Students:

  • Finding Your Community - September 27: Finding community as a graduate student can be difficult but it isn’t impossible. During this workshop, we will explore the importance of finding your community as a graduate student, learn practical steps to build and maintain connections, and learn about campus resources useful for seeking community outside your program.
  • Managing Anxiety, Stress and Burnout - October 16: During this workshop, you will better understand the importance of emotional regulation, learn how to recognize external/internal stressors related to graduate school/work or other life responsibilities and explore useful strategies to manage these stressors. 
  • Building Self-Confidence and Overcoming Self-Doubt - November 10: Join the CAPS-MCHP graduate series workshop ‘Building Confidence & Overcoming Self-Doubt’ and learn how to identify symptoms of imposter syndrome; explore barriers BIPOC graduate students face when experiencing imposter syndrome; learn strategies to build confidence and overcome the imposter phenomenon.

Fall 2023 International Student Support Group:

  • Fridays at the Fed Ex Global Center
  • The international student support group will be a safe and confidential space to talk about various stressors and experiences of being an international student at UNC Chapel Hill. The group will create space for international students to give and seek support from peers, and acquire more skills and knowledge to navigate the experience of living as an international student.

Stay knowledgeable about upcoming events using @UNCHealthyHeels on social media and on the web at Heel Life & the Heels Care Network.

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