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A Time for Healing; Renew, Replenish, Restore

New Hope Camp & Conference Center 4805 NC-86, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Life as we have known it has been and continues to be full of uncertainties and stress-inducing challenges resulting in a general disruption in our daily lives. To have the resiliency to both cope with and recover from these difficulties that, to some extent, have been out of our control, it will be helpful to […]


Resiliency: Bouncing Back After a Setback


Certain individuals appear to succeed against all odds. Despite severe hardships such as living through war, witnessing the death of a loved one, having a chronic illness, being a victim of abuse or dealing with unemployment, certain people not only adapt but actually thrive. These people possess a quality known as “resilience.” This workshop will […]


Laughter, Humor, and Play to Reduce Stress


Professional comedians shouldn’t be the only people to use smiling, laughter, humor and play as part of their daily routine. These skills are valuable for everyone. A good smile has long been a key tool for anyone who needs to influence others. Laughter is now shown to improve our pain tolerance. Humor and play can […]


Emotional Intelligence


Implementing discipline over our emotional life is difficult and requires lifelong practice. Being able to choose to act or respond in a particular manner is preferable to re-acting on a consistent basis, yet it is difficult. Enhancing emotional intelligence improves our ability to master our emotional functioning.High emotional intelligence can improve our communications with all […]

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