You can Help Prevent Sexual and Relationship Violence

October 3, 2023

Sexual and gender-based violence affects all of us. 

Roughly one in four undergraduate and graduate students at Carolina report having experienced sexual violence since coming to campus. Unfortunately, these numbers are even higher for female, transgender, and non-binary students. But these numbers don't tell the whole story. 

Everyone knows someone who has experienced sexual violence or harassment. Many of us have witnessed violent incidents or seen violence happen on social media. Violence is often physical, but it can show up in other ways, like emotional abuse, stalking, or blackmail. Every act of violence makes our community feel less safe, less inclusive, and less supportive.

How can you help prevent violence on campus? 

Everyone at Carolina has a part to play in making our campus a safer and more respectful place. You can help change our campus culture by...

  • Speaking out against violent behavior
  • Starting conversations about consent and healthy relationships
  • Spreading information about support resources for survivors.

If you witness a violent incident, you can intervene by...

  • Talking directly to the person causing harm
  • Creating a distraction to disrupt the incident, or 
  • Asking for help from someone you trust.

In any situation, there's always something you can do!

Gender Violence Resources

Violence Prevention Coordinators: Schedule a violence prevention workshop for your organization, sign up for a HAVEN training, or join the VPAS student team! Learn more at

Gender Violence Services Coordinators: The GVSCs provide free, confidential support and advocacy services for students, faculty, and staff.  Learn more at, email, or call 919-962-1343.

Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office: Contact the EOC office to report a violent incident or discuss options for safety and support services. Learn more at

  • UNC LGBTQ Center: Sign up for a Safe Zone training, speak directly with the Center staff, or report an incident of violence and harassment.
    • Learn more at
  • Counseling and Psychological Services: CAPS offers both individual mental health support and a wide variety of therapeutic support groups.
    • Learn more at
  • Orange County Rape Crisis Center: OCRCC offers free, confidential support services for survivors of sexual violence in the Chapel Hill community.
    • Learn more at or call/text their 24/7 hotline at 919-967-7273
  • Compass Center: The Compass Center offers free, confidential support services for survivors of domestic or relationship violence.
    • Learn more at or call their 24/7 hotline at 919-929-712

Find more resources in the Resource Hub.

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