Seeking Support in Challenging Times and “No Wrong Doors”

March 2, 2022

A Guest Post by the Carolina Peer Support Collaborative

The developing war in Ukraine, bomb threats at historically Black colleges and universities, anti-LGBTQ legislation, and continued violence against BIPOC individuals all accentuate the myriad of sources of pain our entire community has experienced over the last years. Threats like these directly or indirectly impact all of us as individuals and as a community.

We cannot control world events, but we can help ourselves and each other by sharing our honest feelings about the news. Show you are open to conversation with the people around you, even about topics that are complicated or stressful. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, seek support from someone who will listen. If you notice someone struggling to seek help, reach out to them. There are no wrong doors through which to start a journey to improve your mental health – sometimes, you simply need to begin.

Many formal and informal resources on campus can help. The Heels Care Network offers a comprehensive list of resources that can be filtered to find one that may be a good fit.

The Carolina Peer Support Collaborative, a group with representation from across campus, encourages each of us to recognize the reality of the painful and frightening events we all face, to reach out to resources that may help us, and to look out for those around us who may benefit from an empathetic ear or some understanding words in these challenging times.

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