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Apply for free therapy resources for black men.

Evaluations, consultations, and treatment for people with eating disorders.

On-campus mental health provider for students and post-docs. Offers a range of resources including a 24/7 phone line for mental health crises and referral coordination for students needing services off-campus plus many more.

El Futuro helps individuals and their families to improve their mental health through bilingual therapy, psychiatry, substance use treatment, and stress management groups in an environment of hope and healing.

Nutrition counseling from registered dietitians (RDs) who collaborate with medical staff and CAPS providers to support patients with eating disorders and anyone seeking medical nutrition therapy.

Provides high-quality and affordable psychological services to the community and campus.

Promotes the recovery of individuals with mental illness through prevention, treatment, training, research, and community education.

Provides 24/7 emergency care for everyone

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