Mental Health Colloquium and Seminar Series

August 31, 2022

On September 14, from 12pm-3pm, the Heels Care Network held a Mental Health Colloquium and subsequently will be hosting a Mental Health Seminar Series. Information about these events are below.

An afternoon of expert talks and engaging breakout sessions built upon the discussion and suggestions from last semester's Mental Health Summit and kicked off our fall semester series of mental health seminars. This colloquium moved us from theory to practice, centering discussion on three topics:

  • Practicing Cultural Awareness and Humility: presented by Leah Cox, Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer
  • Trauma-Informed Engagement in the Community: presented by April Parker, Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work
  • Mental Health and Identity: featured breakout sessions focused on Mental Health in Latinx Communities, Asian Communities, Black Communities, American Indian Communities and LGBTIQ Communities

Breakout Sessions included:

  • Mental Health in Latinx Communities – Facilitated by Theresa Flores, MSW, LCSW  
  • Mental Health in Asian Communities – Facilitated by Misha Mohan, Psy.D. 
  • Mental Health in Black Communities – Facilitated by Sophia Davis, MSW, LCSW and Faye Hobgood, MSW, LCSW 
  • Mental Health in American Indian Communities – Facilitated by Alicia Freeman, LCMHC, LCAS-A 
  • Mental Health in LGTBIQ Communities – Facilitated by Terri Phoenix, PhD 
  • Mental Health and People with Disabilities – Facilitated by Simon Bloor, MAEd, PGDip, PGCert

Heels Care Mental Health Seminar Series

It's Ok to Pause

It’s Ok to Pause - Facilitated by Crystal Schiller, PhD 

The research behind and practice of mindful pauses

Tuesday, October 11th, noon – 1:30 pm  

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Understanding Emotions and How to Talk About Them

Understanding Emotions and How to Talk About Them - Facilitated by Rachel Rifkin, LCSW

The science of feelings and strategies to explore and communicate about them.

Wednesday, November 16th, noon – 1:30 pm  

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