How to Foster Happiness - Mental Health Seminar

January 31, 2023

The first Spring 2023 Mental Health Seminar, How to Foster Happiness: Cultivating Emotional Language and Pursuing Value-based Actions.

“Happiness” is as tremendous a feeling as it is elusive. David Obergfell, DSW, LCSW and Executive Director for Student Wellbeing and Violence Prevention dove into understanding the nature of happiness as a dynamic result of recognizing, honoring, and attending to our emotional states. In addition, we explored how to identify our values and how our actions promote well-being and happiness when aligned with our values.

The webinar took place by zoom on Wednesday, February 8th from noon-1:30 pm.

The Mental Health Seminar series is open to students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty, and staff. The series creates a space for learning, reflecting on, and discussing mental health. This year's seminars focus on research-to-practice, giving the audience both the science behind mental health and strategies they can employ right now. The overall goal is to empower all campus community members to help influence campus mental health and well-being. Join us!

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