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ARS coordinates and implements accommodations including academic adjustments and provides resources and services to applicants and current students with disabilities.

Focused on increasing awareness of mental health conditions, providing information and resources, and encourage help-seeking

A peer-led grief support community for students who have experienced the death or terminal illness of a loved one.

Offer art events for the community to increase well-being and shift the environment of campus towards health.

Learn how to reduce unhelpful responses to anxiety and develop skills to cope with anxiety-provoking situations.

A CAPS support group for Black men, providing a space to support each other through the journey of navigating higher education and life. 

Provides support for students who are navigating challenges as a result of identity-based trauma. Coaches provide a safe space for students to share their stories and serve as a “bridge” between students and critical campus support units.

Evaluations, consultations, and treatment for people with eating disorders.

A CAPS group to find support and understanding while building resilience for those students and post-docs with chronic illness.

Learn better ways to form meaningful relationships.

On-campus mental health provider for students and post-docs. Offers a range of resources including a 24/7 phone line for mental health crises and referral coordination for students needing services off-campus plus many more.

A private and confidential group that can help students who identify as women or non-binary cope with emotions surrounding the trauma of sexual assault

Peer Chat