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Open to women struggling with self-esteem as related to body image and comparing self to others.

The CCR program provides support by pairing undergraduate and graduate students with Resilience Coaches. We aim to provide the support that each student needs to thrive on our campus.

An identity center at UNC-Chapel Hill supporting gender equity through programs and support.

A private and confidential group that can help students who identify as women or non-binary cope with emotions surrounding the trauma of sexual assault

Open to BIPOC students who are nonbinary or woman identifying, this group is a space to share experiences of sexual violence and gain support.

A CAPS therapy group offering a safe and trusting environment to dialogue openly and honestly about the experiences of Black women and facilitate empowerment and encouragement.

Safe space for discussion and support to increase resiliency among Black women.

A program to increase feelings of belonging and resilience of Black women at UNC who are graduate and professional students.

Supports Black women and girls in their journey to mental wellness. Assists with seeking a therapist with the ability to meet the unique needs of Black women and girls. Also offers a crisis chat line.

Peer Chat