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An aggregate of multiple faith-based resources with staff and student support available.

A small family of faith dedicated to studying theology and building community.

A fellowship group for undergraduates on campus. People of any faith or denomination are welcome.

Brings students together to explore the Hindu faith and utilize its teachings to benefit the community.

LCM is a faith community centered around worship, service, and building strong relationships. 

A religious, social, and outreach student organization that aims to bring together Muslim students and serve as their voice in the community.

Supports students and members of the Newman Catholic parish with events, faith groups, retreats, and service opportunities.

A Presbyterian (PCUSA) Christian community in Chapel Hill creating space for students to believe, belong, and become.

Jewish students of all backgrounds come to Hillel to make friends in a warm, accepting environment and to explore what being Jewish means to them. 

A community focused on helping each other hear God's voice and growing into the people God calls us to be.

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