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Identity center at UNC-Chapel Hill offering education, connection, and advocacy

Provides support for students who are navigating challenges as a result of identity-based trauma. Coaches provide a safe space for students to share their stories and serve as a “bridge” between students and critical campus support units.

A space that values, nurtures, respects, and celebrates LGBTQIA+ students of color by fostering connection and offering culturally-specific healing.

A CAPS program focused on the mental health needs of Black, Indigenous, and Students of Color through individual therapy, group therapy, and outreach programs.

A crisis text line for young people of color. Text 741741 with STEVE to speak to a trained crisis counselor. The website also has community conversations, podcasts, and many more resources to support young people of color.

Dedicated to supporting the mental health and emotional well-being of young people of color. Text STEVE to 741741 to access a culturally trained Crisis Text Line counselor - anytime.

Working to increase access to mental health resources for the South Asian Community through education, activism, and storytelling.

Peer Chat