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Topic: Meditation and Mindfulness

A Regular Practice

Benefits of meditation and mindfulness practice and strategies to implement

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A Way with Words

Several techniques of using words as a focal point for meditation and mindfulness practice

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Appreciate Every Day

A daily practice of gratitude can shift your mood and outlook

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Dimensions of Wellness Webinars

These webinars were created to introduce resources, information, and exercises for each of the following Dimensions of Wellness. They are available online 24/7, only asking for your name and email […]

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Meditation and Mindfulness

Benefits of mindfulness and meditation for UNC students

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Mindful Awareness of Your Body

Meditation practices that involve awareness of your body

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Mindful Awareness of Your Thought Process

How to practice noticing and letting go of your thoughts without judging or evaluating them

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Mindful Conversation and Relationships

Strategies to bring mindfulness into conversations and relationships with yourself and others

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Using Music for Mindful Awareness of Emotion

How music can become a practice of mindfulness

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