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Tips to Keep You on Track

4 quick tips to keep you on track to succeed academically

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Tobacco / Vaping

It's important to quit using tobacco products and vapes if you do - here are steps to quit.

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Understanding and Healing from Racial Trauma

Among students of color, the common stressors of the college experience are often compounded by the burden of racism and racial trauma. Learn more and sound the alarm.

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Understanding Mental Health Triggers

A trigger is a stimulus that elicits a reaction. In the context of mental illness, "trigger" is often used to mean something that brings on or worsens symptoms. This often happens […]

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Using Music for Mindful Awareness of Emotion

How music can become a practice of mindfulness

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Veteran Health

It's difficult when transitioning from the military into university life. Some of the services available to veterans are listed here.

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What's in Your Cup?

Details about standard alcohol sizes and alcohol content

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